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Testament und Erbrecht


Last Will and inheritance law


What do I have to think about when I  want to make a will? How can I protect myself from my will being challenged? Where is it registered and kept safe?  

We answer all your questions in connection with Austrian inheritance law. After a detailed discussion, we will write your will for you and register it in Austria. Central register of wills and keep it in a safe place. This means that your will will be found safely when you need it.



Family provision


We not only help to develop clear solutions around wills and inheritance law.  


In many life issues, we work with you to ensure that things are as possible as you want them to be.  

We advise you on the establishment of power of attorney, living wills, marriage contracts and partnership contracts and prepare these for you according to your wishes. 



EU inheritance law regulation


The number of citizens in the EU who move to another Member State is steadily increasing. As a result, over half a million families are affected by cross-border inheritance every year.

In order to simplify the planning and processing of cross-border inheritance cases, the European Union issued appropriate legal provisions in 2012 - the Inheritance Law Ordinance.



Execution of estates on behalf of the court  


Notaries enjoy particular confidence in the judiciary. The notary is independent and impartial, like a judge.


After each death, the district court automatically initiates probate proceedings. This procedure is carried out by us as a court commissioner for the court.


The aim is that in the event of inheritance, all property law matters are handled neutrally and objectively in the interests of all those involved in the proceedings and that the property is properly transferred to the rightful heir.

FMedG Zustimmungserklärung

Reproductive Medicine Act

Declaration of consent


Medically assisted procreation may only be carried out with the consent of the spouse, registered partner or domestic partner.


In the case of a partner or, if the sperm or egg cells are used, a third person's consent requires the form of a notarial act.


We would be happy to advise you and prepare the necessary declaration of consent. 



Real estate law  


Anyone who buys an apartment, a house or a piece of land or hands it over to the children is making a life decision. 

Such decisions must therefore be carefully considered, properly planned and professionally implemented.

We have years of experience, empathy and common sense.  

The notary is independent and objective; he represents both contracting parties.

We draw up purchase contracts, donation and transfer agreements for you, establish condominium ownership, and arrange easements, etc.


In addition, we take care of the permits from the real estate authorities, the tax processing and the entry of the agreed rights in the land register.  

We act as a trustee when executing sales contracts for both contractual partners. We are subject to the trustee guidelines of the Austrian Chamber of notaries and their control.



Real estate development


Do you own a vacant lot or a house and are considering selling it?


We have many years of experience in real estate law.  We are happy to be at your disposal with our experience and our strong network.  

We will discuss with you the utilization options from a legal point of view, obtain an assessment of your property for you by a court-sworn expert,  check the land register status as well as the zoning for you, commission a civil engineer with the measurement and, if necessary, contact tax advisors, real estate agents,  Building experts and property developers.

Of course, we will draw up all the necessary contracts and documents for you.

BTVG Bauträgervertrag


Developer contract law


The Developer Contract Act protects the buyer of an apartment or house that has yet to be built or thoroughly renovated against the insolvency of the developer.

The Developer Contract Act provides several options for this.

Payments to the developer, for example, are made strictly according to a statutory installment plan model. Only when the legally defined construction progress has been confirmed by an expert will the agreed installment become due for payment.


The notary as trustee monitors the payments and only forwards them to the developer if the expert has given the relevant confirmation.  

We draw up property development contracts and handle the trustworthy execution. 

GmbH Gesellschaftsrecht


Corporate and corporate law

​​ Anyone who is self-employed or who wants to set up a company faces great opportunities, but also great challenges.


The spectrum ranges from a conflict with a partner to an accident. Comprehensive advice and a strong network are becoming more and more important so that a company can develop safely even in challenging times.

We advise you on setting up your company and also on all subsequent changes.

We will prepare all documents for you that are required for the establishment of the company or for changes in the commercial register and submit them electronically to the commercial register court. Above all, this includes a partnership agreement tailored to your specific needs.


In close cooperation with your tax advisor, we also carry out restructuring according to the UmgrStG. 

Grundbuch und Firmenbuch


Land register and commercial register


We have digital access to the land register and the commercial register.  

We are happy to send you certified excerpts from the land register and company register as well as documents on request.

Notariatsakt Beurkundung Beglaubigung


Notarization and certification


The notary is the holder of a public office to which state authority is entrusted to draw up public deeds.


He ensures the authenticity, evidential value, storage and enforceability of these documents.


The notary is required by law to be impartial and objective and enjoys public faith.

We draw up public documents such as notarial acts, notarial protocols and notarizations.

We are happy to certify the authenticity of your signature on documents such as pledge deeds, contracts, etc.

For this, your personal presence in the office and the presentation of an official photo ID is required.

Digitaler Nachlass

Digital estate


In addition to material things, the estate of a deceased now also includes digital assets, social media accounts, etc.  


What happens to digital data and accounts when someone dies?  

A testamentary disposition can be used to determine who should be authorized to dispose of these data and assets. 




The handover or takeover of the farm is one of the decisive events in rural life. Every business owner whose farm is to continue to exist deals intensively with this topic twice in his life. Once from the perspective of the transferee and the second time as the transferor.  


The most important goal of the farm handover is to maintain the business as an economic source of income for the next generation.

We have many years of experience in farm handovers and are happy to prepare the necessary contracts for you and your successor.


Particular attention must be paid to the security of the yard transfer. Consideration must also be given to the reluctant siblings.

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